Idea Optimization


Idea Optimization


Gain new insights on your most promising ideas.


When exploring and vetting new and exciting ideas, it is easy to go astray and veer off the path.  Not all ideas bear the promise they suggest.  That’s why you need someone to clarify and confirm your vision.  You need someone to help you see through the blinders & barriers, and peek around the dark corners of business reality. 


For ideas to succeed, they need to endure the scrutiny of experience, education, and business acumen.  In many cases, ideas are strengthened, developed, and augmented

from working with a coach with tenured business experience.

Coaching can be a force-multiplier for your ideas. Having a coach as a sounding board for your ideas can save time, help avoid mistakes, and give your ideas the best chance for success. Gain new insights on your most promising ideas.

With this service, you will receive an experienced and objective perspective of your business ideas.Explore your ideas with John and go from concept to execution within days. 

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Your customizable idea exploration coaching may include: 

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Idea Vetting
  • Market Analysis
  • Sounding board
  • Listening and Discussing