Performance Coaching


Performance Coaching


To achieve peak performance every day, you need more than social media memes.  You need a veteran coach, motivating mentor, and “big brother” to hold you accountable.  You need someone to keep you on the road to victory.


The greatest performers in the world have coaches.  From gold-medal Olympic athletes to the most accomplished business leaders, having a coach can lead to significant achievement. Sometimes you might need encouragement.  Other times you might need a kick in the pants.  In either case, having a coach can improve your performance and catapult you to new heights.

With this service, you will work 1-on-1 with John to enhance day-to-day personal and business performance as a well-rounded leader.  Performance standards should be high and non-negotiable.

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Your customizable performance coaching may include combinations of:

  • Success Habits
  • Achieving Balance
  • Communications
  • Tips, Techniques, and Best Practices
  • Goal Setting &Attainment
  • Accountability Partnering