Balance in Motion
Balance but stagnant

Motion is Life

Asking over a thousand people what the Yin/Yang symbol represents, most will say it depicts balance. Balance would be a circle divided by a straight line;  the two equal parts in balance. It is the curve of the line that separates the two sides that represents motion. Motion is essential to all life; it is also how we measure energy. The application of the studies of energies directly correlate with our human energies too. It is the study of energy that has led to many discoveries that seem counterintuitive, but once unlocked have given us greater insight into nature and the physical world around us. PUSH coaching uses these same insights to become more intentional with applied force (or PUSH) that will better all of us in our endeavors.

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Universal Truths

Understanding Everything is Energy

Different kinds of energy are around us at all time. We can not see "light" but we see the effect of light, we can not see "gravity" but we sure do feel the effects of gravity when we fall. Fostering your potential by adding to your knowledge base is typical of any improvement or coaching program, but one fundamental difference that PUSH brings is  understanding and applying kinetic energy (being the catalyst for motion). Physics is science of observing to discover  the truths of matter and energies. It is also the ability to translating those truths into mathematics (math - the universal language). The emotional spectrum is also a study in energy and it takes a dynamic PUSH to drive human energies from their base nature to a more virtuous nature. We practice what we preach, all PUSH Coaches work from on a Gratitude Basis, which allows you to see the value of working with a PUSH Coach before your spend any of your currency.